👰We're wedding: makeup ideas💄


All that may have a wedding this summer, surely you are just starting to think about the kind of dress, accessories, hairstyle… you're going to take. Even as I am at this point (I have three weddings this year), I bring you some ideas about makeup, since in many cases we do not worry about it until the last moment.

First of all: if you do not usually make up, you'll be very nervous or any other reason that can make your makeup does not look good, grab the services of a professional make-up artist or make-up artist. We can wear a beautiful dress, with some add-ons 10 but the tarnish makeup set. Like that day we comb in a hair salon or fashion design center, is best left in professional hands our makeup look. He or she will advise and and prepare for the perfect result, will last all day and, Of course, you look undisguised. Talk to the person you go to makeup and Tell them how you will be the dress, your usual look and what you want to accomplish that day: not be noticed both wrinkles, highlight eyes, lips… You understand you perfectly know.

Here some ideas seen on the runways for Spring – Summer 2015 we could take perfectly for a wedding.

tendencia_nomakeupLook No-Makeup

What, It is not the same as going without makeup. It is a very careful makeup and focused on the treatment of the skin. Apparently not wear makeup is difficult, because not only you have to worry about making corrections to have a radiant and juiciness, but look much the textures of the products and volumes of the face.


mejillas-eyelinerLook cat eyes

The cats came outlined several seasons to stay. This summer will take center stage, leaving skin radiant, with a soft blush, virtually no makeup eyes and nude lips.


trend-lips-neonLook lipped impact

Matte texture or shine, It gives the same while the color is powerful. oranges, reds and fuchsias will dazzle, leaving skin clean and look with minimum charge.


look classic

look-rojo-clasicoWe turn to focus on the lips, but with intense burgundy and reds and more elaborate eyes. that classic look we've all been ever (and if you're not taking) because it favors much. Soft smoky eyes, defined eyebrows to give more personality and structured face. Like a black dress (LBD) this look always right, sobretodo en una boda de noche.


eyeliner-azul-impactoLook para las más arriesgadas

Si te aburren todas las propuestas anteriores, toma nota, porque el color también viene pisando fuerte. Delineados de formas imposibles o clásicos reinventados a colores turquesas, morados y oro. ¿Te atreves?


Personally, creo que me decantaré por el look clásico para las bodas de tarde y para las de mañana una mezcla de delineado marcado y piel trabajada.

¿Vosotras qué vais a elegir?

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