Review: Opinión sobre CC Cream Mary Kay


cc-cream-marykayToday I come to speak of a particular product: the CC Cream de Mary Kay. I took almost a year using it almost every day and I've only spent a boat! The truth is I never liked BBCreams few years ago flooded the market, every time I tried one it was wrong: grain, fat, sheens… So I gave up. When I was told that Mary Kay was going to take a CCCream I was a bit skeptical. You know I'm Beauty Consultant Mary Kay, and always we test new products before advising on them, so the day of the presentation, I examined it very well and, a little reticent about my previous experiences with BBCreams, I tried it on face. Then I will tell you my first impressions and how, this year I have been using this CCCream.

Texture and color

cc-cream-marykay-color-very-lightI have to say that I was surprised that there were 4 tones, from lighter to darker, because with the BBCream there are usually two or at most three colors. I use the lighter shade and perfectly suited to my natural color, even in summer, I tend not to wear very dark.

The texture is very light, no water and soft coverage evens and conceals imperfections. I have not many marks or blotches, so do I can not say first hand if it covers well very dark spots. I, then use a concealer right tone first. As to apply, I prefer to do it with your fingers, I get that better cover in the area of ​​dark circles, between the eyebrows, nostrils and cupid's bow. I also like to finish with a flat kabuki brush (I use the Sigma f80), as they rarely leave marches of the bristles of the brush.

Indications and feelings

The CCCream is not comedogenic, free oils, It has no fragrance and is suitable for all skin types, as it is tested against irritations and allergies. I have sensitive skin and has not given me any reaction. It also has sun protection 15, It is moisturizing and has anti-aging, so it is super full. Mary Kay benefits suggests are:

  • To protect, by sunscreen.
  • Enlighten
  • Fixes with a light coverage
  • Minimizes redness
  • Conceals spots and glare
  • Hydrates during 10h
  • Reduces the visible signs of aging
  • Defenses skin from the damage of free radicals

Personally, I look great all the benefits, but what really matters is that moisturizes, equaling the tone,sunscreen and do not let me fat or heavy feeling in the skin, and all this makes it perfectly. I hate the feeling of the base note placed on the skin, and this is super light CCCream, with a fat juicy finish and natural finish.


cc-cream-marykay-aplicadorAs I have said before, I prefer to put it with your fingers while brushing is good too. Although it has moisturizing benefits, I like previously moisturize with a cream, as with any other basis. After extend well, mostly in summer, I like to seal the T zone mineral powders to increase the duration of CCCream.

The applicator is a of pump and creates vacuum as the tube empties, so the product is used well. Anyway we can always cut, as it is plastic and collect what any remaining within.

In conclusion, It is a product that has become a staple for me. Its price is 22 € and has lasted me about 10 months, so goes a long way. If you want to know more or buy to visit my consulting page.

I advise you to contact a consulting beauty of your area so that you can try and get an opinion before weigh to buy. If you are around Bilbao and Bizkaia and the Basque country or you can contact me and organize a test so you can appreciate it yourselves.

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