Cargo Safari Kit: Love at first test

I think the entry title says it all: I am enchanted with Safari Charge Kit, My first purchase this brand but not the last. I am subscribing to multiple YouTube channels in which we talk about products, tricks, looks, etc. and several saw the review of this kit and all the girls were delighted with him, so in early May (more or less) I decided to take a whim and buy it and do not buy anything else that month, since the kit is quite complete and price, although it is not expensive for all it takes, already met my budget “baubles” month.

Safari Kit

The kit is comprised of 5 products and neceser. Products are 3 normal size (blush, eye shadow and eyeliner duo) and two thumbnails (mascara and lip gloss). Pictured lack lip gloss, because I had a little mishap with him. The products that have been happier are the duo shadows, eyeliner and blush. Especially the latter has fallen in love.

dressing case

I have to say that come with the kit I love neceser, and above this, inspired by a postcard. For years I have a portfolio of Benetton designed as an airmail envelope (Pull&Bear took this spring and summer one like) and since then I always look for bags and accessories that style. This neceser what had to be yes or yes.

As I have said it is inspired by a postcard, on the one hand an image with the postmark Kenya(first picture) and on the other (superior image) the writing postcard, with your address and seals. In addition the zipper closure is a swallow, a very nice touch. In the neceser perfectly fit all kit components and is fine for traveling, and there is enough room for a small brush and a base or powders.

Coral Beach Blush

It is certainly the product that I liked. It is a blusher comprising 4 tonalities: dorado, pink, russet and bronze. All bear a very nice and flattering golden glow. All pigmented much, so you have to apply them carefully, especially darker shades. They can be applied separately, depending on the color you fancy using, or together. This makes it a very versatile blush and for any skin tone. The texture is very silky and easy to blend, so it has a finish that blends well and is naturally.

I use to apply the F30 Sigma, which in theory it is to apply loose powder but it works for me better than a skunk or a beveled brush. Being quite large and readondeada, I pick up the product with the longest hairs from the center and apply it on the rosto, shorter powders are blurring. In addition to not be perfectly round regarding diameter (It is oval) I find it very easy to apply on the contour. yes, I apply gradually as pigmented enough. The finish is gorgeous rouge, I am very clarita skin and gives me a tone very healthy tan, and golden glitter make cheekbones stand out. I also frequently use the pink as a lighting strip clarita, and I love it.

Shadow Duo, Triple Action Mascara y Cargo Eye Pencil

Of these three products I speak together, since they are the three eye and certainly a safe bet for a perfect look. The duo shadows is a kaki brown with gold, both brilliant but without being overdone, with a very silky texture and easy to apply. I usually use the daily, giving a touch of color to your eyes, but they are also perfect for night, applying more quantity.

The eyeliner is a kaki tone also, with small subtle golden sparkles. The color is very nice, in the eye seems a very dark brown without being as deep as a black, something that gives a more natural look to the look, not as dramatic. The duration is fantastic, holds virtually all day on both the upper eyelid and the waterline, something that is making me consider renewing all my eyeliner and buy Cargo. Images are quite used eyeliner (I've taken tip several times) so the back is longer. Specifically leads 1.14g product.

Regarding the mask, I did not like it to much. It is a miniature, but I think the brush (or should be like) It is normal. It is silicone, more flexible than I'm used to my taste and not well separated lashes. Product color is black and quite natural finish. Not me bend me, nor lengthens and multiplies lashes supposed to do according Cargo.

Serengeti Lip Gloss

This product will not I can leave own image, since I broke or I'm not sure what happened. I usually save glosses vertically on a shelf, to keep on hand and the brush always have product and not have to scratch the bottle. By going to apply myself this one day, I saw the shelf and the bottom of the Glos were sticky, as if the tube had a hole and had left the product, so I had to throw it. Nor is it to be a great loss, I must say, since it was not a particularly nice gloss. It was a natural tone (tone Serengeti) with small gold sparkles and a miniature very very small. I do not think it would have lasted longer 10 applications. The truth is that the gloss Nude Essence Kiss me like it more and is much cheaper.


In conclusion, I think a very practical and usable kit, in which the main products are normal size (something much appreciated). In addition the number of products in enormous: 9g. rouge, 3.5g shadows, 1.14g eyeliner, 4.5ml mask thumbnail. The liplgloss not remember how much but more or less take it that glosses worn round selling mobile or on your keychain, come on, very small. in short, el kit en conjunto merece mucho la pena y creo que la marca Cargo se ha hecho un hueco enorme entre mis marcas favoritas.

Espero que esta entrada os haya servido para aclarar cualquier duda que tuvierais. Si tenéis alguna pregunta no tengáis miedo en poner comentarios, que no muerdo 😛

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  1. Hello! pues a mi de todo el kit, lo que más me gustó fue el gloss, a simple vista parecía normalillo, pero al ponertelo de dejaba un toque coral preciosoooo, y con bastante color para ser un gloss, y buenotan pequeño tampoco era! Los polvos tambien me encantan, pero eso no me sorprendió ya que llevo años usandolos, esos y los MIAMI! que son mis preferidos.

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