Ultra Toleriane La Roche Posay: Try Bopki

Imagine many of you know bopki.com or similar, but for those who do not know it is a community “participatory marketing” (as they described themselves) for women. What does this mean? Bopki or web that is, brings together companies and individuals (in this case women) that may interest the company to meet the profile of users of its products. Thus, the company selects those people and give them to test certain new products or not to give their opinion and , as usual, some samples to give those people the allocated among friends, family, Known etc and also know your opinion. Basically a product market research with people who volunteer to participate receiving in return the products to try. This I may look better or worse, because normally in some market research conducted by specialized companies is paid to the “Guinea pigs”, but that is a reflection and choice of each, since no one forces you to sign up bopki (or the web to be) and enroll in business projects.

Leaving a little aside that is the whole testing process (mainly own satisfaction surveys and you know with products), I'll talk a little more in depth to test the product for which they chose me, like other thousand or two thousand (I do not know the figure insurance) users bopki. The product is the Ultra Toleriane cream for face La Roche Posay, which as you know is a brand that I love, so he gave me a great joy when they said I was selected.

package arrival

As you see in the picture above came complete package: A cream actual size to use me and a box 15 3ml samples with 15 informational pamphlets to distribute to friends, coworkers, known, unknown… who want to after all and you think you may need the product. It also comes with a guide on how to make “divide” these samples more fun and effective, and a book to fill out satisfaction surveys of people to which the des. Then those same surveys stuffed to send the results online.

Toleriane Ultra: specifications and test

Toleriane Ultra is a cream especially recommended for people with hypersensitive and allergic skins, as it calms irritation and, in theory, with the use that sensitivity and reactivity to external aggressions, is reduced. The cream is a long list “without”: without preservatives, sin parabenes, unscented, without alcohol, undyed, without lanolin and non-comedogenic. According to information of the brand itself:

“It Contains Neurosensine, a potent active ingredient that attacks the process of skin irritations (test in vitro)”

In addition it is formulated with thermal water, you know it is a fantastic natural painkiller.

In practice this is so? Well, some things do and some do not. As for main function it is to soothe irritations and allergic reactions, I give it a 10, the truth is very calm and not to me only, several people who gave samples have noticed that soothes the skin almost instantly to throw her. Already the subject of continuous treatment with sensitivity decreases, in my case it did not happen but neither I've used absolutely every day. Perhaps in long treatments finish taking effect, but not to me.

And after calming, I think the rest have been cons. As for texture, for me it is quite fat, leaves me totally bright face and a sense of “He drowned”, as my skin is not breathing. Normally when a cream gives me that feeling, I get pimples, but this is not, I guess because it is non-comedogenic. I have used it in summer and, as I say, I do not like, but maybe that “burden” during winter it protects me of temperature changes, I'll tell you.

Another drawback is the smell, that although in theory not wearing fragrance, It has a certain smell. I do not it nice, the truth, and my boy does, in fact the first day I used the cream asked me what I had missed on his face that smelled funny. It is a very mild scent, but it is there, a somewhat chemical odor, for me nasty.

On the cream itself, I think I have more to comment, but I still have a fairly cumbersome product detail and is the packaging. Carries a pump system, press down and get the product, but different. When you see the boat you think you ripped off because half a bottle is empty, but it is not a system that takes a kind of “sachet” lateral, that it does is push the product to exit the pump. As you go using the cream, the “sachet” it gets bigger. And what's wrong with that? Well, I think, that must have been the problem that the first week my bottle broke, not the bottle itself, but the pump. I think not carry the tube that normally carry this type of packaging, more fragile, and the first time I got out of hand, it got broken. Thanks to my boy who has artfully with Swiss Army knives and cutting gear thousand things, he managed to remove the pump mechanism and leave a free nozzle to keep using the cream.

Toleriane Ultra rotaToleriane Ultra pump roto

Toleriane Ultra boquilla

Now it has become a very small hole to catch product, but with a small spatula can go using it. Now it is much more uncomfortable, Clear, but at least I can use or take the product to another container.


It is not a cream that would buy me, the truth, but I have to try it during winter, that is when I have more redness and already get a complete picture of producto.Aún well, no creo que la use en toda la cara, sino en las zonas donde suelo tener más irritaciones que suelen ser los mofletes principalmente.

Espero que esta opinión os haya servido y si habéis tenido alguna experiencia distinta o tenéis alguna pregunta, no dudéis en comentar 😉

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  1. Muchas gracias por compartir en tu blog la experiencia que has tenido con el nuevo Toleriane Ultra y tu honesta opinión. Un abrazo, 🙂

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